Started the Revamp of this Web Site

The graphics and overall design were obviously aging. The more I looked at it, the more I remember my carefree days in Manila in the 80s and 90s.

The original Kupitero’s Keep website, I created in 1998 but launched in 1999 when I finally got a decent web hosting site – Prior to them, I had tried a lot of freebie hosting GeoCities, Angelfire, etc., as well as, other local ISPs like and Tri-Isys.

The tools of the trade were basically the same ones I used back then: an HTML editor, Photoshop, an image animator, image mapper, and a file transfer program (FTP).

I ported the site to Netscape’s free hosting – simply called, WebSites- after we terminated our contract with in 2001. The nice thing was: it was only in 2003 that they put down the site. Unfortunately, Netscape’s freebie hosting didn’t last long as well — they stopped most of their free services after they merged with AOL.

I decided to put up my own web server only after I got broadband access — with download speeds of about 7 Mbps. I learned from the past that hosting your own site via dial-up is like torturing your viewers. Plus, it didn’t make a lot of sense if you only have a single phone line in the house – all your relatives will give you the ‘look’ for hogging the phone line just to make your web server/web site available.

Also, imagine using a dial-up to dial-up link while streaming a large video file. Dial-up was king during the glory days of electronic bulletin board service (EBBS). Those were the pre-browser Internet days. In short, forget web serving and hosting if all you’ve got is dial-up.

The makeover I had in mind will make the overall site smaller in size but will retain most of the features of the original site. Faster page loading – for those accessing the site via dial-up – will be my priority and I had decided that bulky graphic files will have to go.

So, the components are set: the server, the gateway and the site…Looks like its 1984 again for me….Just trying to keep in step with the times.



After drinking countless pots of coffee, I launched the 4th revision of this site on May 10, 2004.

Click here if you like to view the old home page of this site (some links there are gone while some will lead you to the new pages within this revamped site).

Manila’s favorite novelist, Nick Joaquin died

Manila mourns the death of one of its favorite sons, Nick Joaquin, who died April 29, 2004 in his San Juan, Metro-Manila

Gravesite of Filipino writer and National Arti...
Gravesite of Filipino writer and National Artist Nick Joaquin at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

home. It was via the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s web site, that I learned of the news.

I had read quite a few of his novels – way back in my high school and college days, and one of my sister – Lolet – actually knew him personally. She, being a staff at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) for quite some time before migrating to the US in 1997.

A known beer lover, Nick Joaquin will be surely be missed by Manila’s intelligentsia and sensible beer house habitués– specially in the Malate and Ermita areas.

Kupitero’s 1999 review of Nick Joaquin’s, Manila, My Manila

Installed Apple’s revamped iTunes (v2.5)

Gotta love iTunes new version 2.5. Apple is pushing the envelope for more and more sassy features in their industry-leading

iTunes Dec 13
iTunes Dec 13 (Photo credit: Hanna Iris Tolonen)

music software. I basically got it for the “free downloads” (just one song – and spoon-fed by Apple and, only for one week…but, well…free is free and no matter what genre of songs they give for free, I can still gladly pack them into my barely filled iPod), to commemorate last year’s launch of the iTunes Music Store.

Notable new features were: Shuffle Play and Lossless Encoding. But, what I liked best was the new “Publish-Your-Own-Playlist” feature.

iTunes enabled me to hook up once again to most of the songs I basically grew up listening to. Since most of my music collection were in LPs and cassettes (a sure giveaway of the era I grew up in), and most of them I had either long lost or given away, iTunes enabled me to ‘rediscover’ those songs and now, have a fairly decent ‘reconstruction’ of those music that I had come to love listening to!