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When MIDI Was King
Before MP3 and its variants became the standard in music streaming, MIDIs rule the personal computer's audio domain. And, it was one of the main reasons why the Macintosh became very popular among musicians when it first rolled out in 1984.

With its small file size, file transfer was fast during the pre-Internet days. The only drawback of a MIDI file is that sound output varies as it is dependent on the sound card or audio chip used by the end-user.

Here are a few jazz and Brasilian MIDI tracks that the web author had compiled during those golden years.

Simply choose from the drop-down selector, click the 'Play button' and enjoy!

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Some of the Brasilian artists featured above:

  • Vinicius de Moraes * Antonio Carlos 'Tom' Jobim * Toquinho

  • Milton Nascimento * Chico Buarque de Hollanda * Eumir Deodato

  • Caetano Veloso * Ze Renato/ Ivan Lins * Dolores Duran

  • Gal Costa/ Newton Mendonca * Carlinhos Lyra * Djavan

  • Roberto Menescal * Ronaldo Boscoli * Johnny Alf (Alfredo Jose da Silva)

  • Marcos Valle * Paolo-Sergio Valle


Selected jazz and popular music artists featured below:

  • Ryuichi Sakamoto * Chick Corea * Kurt Weill * The Corrs

  • Pat Metheny * Jean-Luc Ponty * Miles Davis * Fleetwood Mac

  • Led Zeppelin * Joni Mitchell * Quincy Jones * Procol Harum

  • Jean-Michel Jarre

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