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For folks who would like to review their prior year tax files (U.S. only. For the PC or Mac (zipped)
An old stand-by for compressing/decompressing files. Runs even on older Windows versions - e.g: Win 95, 98, XP or 7) - self -extracting exe file.
One of the best-selling cloning software for the PC. Very useful when upgrading to a solid-state drive. DL, then burn it to disk or use a USB stick and it's bootable - ISO file.
An old but very reliable & easy-to-use FTP app for the PC. Works even under the latest and greatest version of Windows 10 - zipped
Works for Sony Dash model HID-C10 only. Make your Sony Dash useful again - zipped
App for old Treo 270 or 180 phones that's missing the flip cover. Turns it on or off - zipped
Contains both the RIOsitude (v 3.12 - English only) software & the USB driver for the Diamond Rio 500 MP3 Player (for Win 98, ME & 2000 only) - zipped

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