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Turbo Tax 2010 Deluxe for PC (zipped)
Turbo Tax 2012 Deluxe for PC (zipped)
WinZip v.7 (self-extracting file. Runs even on older Windows versions, e.g: Win 95, 98, XP)
Turbo Tax 2014 Deluxe for PC (includes CA State filing - self extracting file)
Launcher X for the old Treo phones (zipped)
Cute FTP Pro v.2 (an old but very reliable FTP application that works even under the latest version of Windows 10 - zipped)
Acronis True Image HD (one of the best cloning software around. Very useful if upgrading to solid state drives - ISO file. DL, then burn it to disk or a USB stick and it's bootable)
Chumby patch for the Sony Dash (model HID-C10 only). Make your Sony Dash useful again (zipped)