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Originally created as a finance and stocks informational page hosted by a Makati, Metro-Manila ISP - Epic Net - way back in 1994, Kupitero's Keep is now on its 25th year on the Web.

An older version (revision 8) of the website can still be viewed here.

Since 2011 (revision 10), the site has been running on a ‘responsive’ template, HTML5 / CSS3-coded, Smart TV-ready (including 4K (UHD ) and works with modern browsers including the ‘Edge’ browser in Windows 10, Internet Explorer (IE) 8 to 11, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Firefox, Opera, Amazon's Silk, Vivaldi and other latest, open-source browsers like Blackhawk, Chromium, etc.

It is also mobile-friendly and works on any Apple iOS gadget, Windows 7.x, 8.x & 10 series of devices including Windows-based phones, Blackberry smartphones & PlayBook, Amazon's Kindle / Fire series, virtually all flavors of Google’s Android OS in tablets & phones as well as most Linux boxes and project kits.

Photos, audio files and videos are all optimized for the web and will load faster with fall-back support for Flash-enabled devices as well as for legacy media players in some browsers.

Lastly, this site is totally ad-free — no annoying pop-ups…the way the Internet was intended to be.

Thanks for visiting.
The watershed era for the personal computer industry will always be the days Apple and Microsoft were founded. Both companies represent the best in PC hardware and software.
Old Gadget
Computer stuff, junks and assorted obsolete gadgets that I had accumulated over the years. Most are old Apple computers and other fascinating devices during the years after the Internet became mainstream. Take a look.
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Looking for that vintage peripheral or rare part in your Apple or PC collection and you can’t find it at eBay or Amazon? Please browse my retro-tech garage and you might be surprised to find it there.